Truck Accident Causes in Moore

Transport trucks are an essential part of the economy in Moore and throughout the entire state of Oklahoma. These massive trucks deliver the products people in Moore need and use on a daily basis. Moore is also a thoroughfare for trucks, so local residents are often sharing the road with big-rig drivers who are just passing through.

Unfortunately, no matter how cautious and safe you drive around tractor-trailers, serious accidents can still occur. There are many different causes of truck accidents in Moore, and all too often, investigations reveal that these devastating crashes could have been prevented.

Common Truck Accident Causes in Moore

Although every truck accident case is unique, there are some common causes of these types of crashes. The most common causes of truck accidents in Moore and throughout Oklahoma include:

  • Speeding: Truck drivers are often on tight deadlines and want to get as many miles in as possible. Speeding makes it harder for drivers to control their vehicles, and it can make it much more difficult to stop. When truckers speed, they not only cause accidents, but they also increase the severity of them.
  • Fatigue or drowsy driving: Truckers spend a lot of time on the road. Although there are federal laws regulating how long a truck driver can spend on the road, truck drivers do not always abide by these. Even when they do, those hours on the road are still long and can lead to truck drivers becoming fatigued or drowsy. This is extremely dangerous and can cause truck drivers to lose focus and crash.
  • Distracted driving: Truck drivers should never text and drive, as this is against the law. Some truckers, though, still engage in the practice. Other types of distractions can also cause a crash, including adjusting the radio and other interior parts of the cab, loud music, eating, drinking, and talking to a passenger.
  • Drugged and drunk driving: No one should ever get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Still, some truckers believe that certain drugs actually help them stay awake, meaning they can be on the road longer and meet their tight deadlines. However, a truck driver under the influence is a danger to everyone on the road.
  • Cargo shifts and spills: Any cargo a truck may carry can play a crucial role in a truck accident. It is important that cargo is always loaded properly, otherwise it may shift during transport and throw the entire truck off balance. Cargo that is not loaded properly may also spill onto the road, causing other drivers to run into it and crash. Truckers sometimes load their own cargo, but other times it is another company that is responsible for this.
  • Following too closely: Due to the fact that trucks take so much longer to come to a complete stop than other vehicles, it is essential that trucks maintain a proper distance from the vehicle in front of them. When they do not, a truck may not stop in time and may crash into the vehicle in front of them.
  • Unsafe or illegal maneuvers: Transport trucks are very difficult to maneuver. Truckers must have the experience and skill to know how to operate them safely. Truckers sometimes do not properly gauge the amount of room they need to make a turn, and this can cause a crash. Truckers also sometimes make illegal maneuvers, such as unlawful lane changes, that can cause a crash.
  • Poorly maintained trucks: Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring their trucks are properly inspected and maintained. When maintenance is required, any company that performs the necessary work must do so properly and maintain the truck in a manner that will ensure the vehicle is safe and roadworthy. When either of these companies fail in their duty, they can be held liable for any damages the crash caused.
  • Defective truck parts: Truck manufacturers also have a duty to ensure that the trucks they manufacture, and all equipment on those trucks, are safe and effective. When trucks are not safe or any part of their equipment is defective, the truck manufacturer can be held liable for the crash.

Sadly, these are just a few of the most common causes of truck accidents in Moore. Any time a truck driver, trucking company, or third-party company (such as a truck manufacturer or cargo loading company) is negligent, that carelessness can result in a crash.

What to Do After a Moore Truck Accident

The steps you take after a truck accident can greatly help your accident claim. However, taking the wrong steps can hurt your case and reduce the amount of compensation you receive. The most important steps to take after a truck crash include:

  • Report the accident to the local police or state highway patrol. Call 911 if there are serious injuries.
  • Identify all of the parties involved, including the truck driver and the trucking company. Exchange information with the other driver, including the driver’s employer contact information.
  • Identify witnesses and collect contact information from them.
  • Document the accident by taking photos and writing down what you remember. Get photos of the vehicles, including any writing or numbers on the truck. Also take photos of your injuries.
  • Seek medical attention immediately after the crash.
  • Contact a Moore truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn about your legal rights.

An attorney will advise you of the other necessary steps you should take throughout your truck accident claim.

How the Cain Law Office Can Help

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in a crash, call our Moore truck accident lawyers at the Cain Law Office today. Our team will immediately launch an investigation into the crash to determine who is liable, and we will manage all communication and negotiations with the insurance companies involved. Our goal is to secure the full and fair compensation you need to recover.

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