Truck Inspections and Maintenance Are Crucial to Everyone’s Safety on the Road

Did you know that many causes of truck accidents can be traced to the negligent upkeep and maintenance of the commercial motor vehicle? For this reason, safety experts urge truck drivers and trucking companies to always inspect their vehicles before and after trips, make repairs when necessary, and ensure their vehicles are properly maintained. It is also crucial that truck drivers are properly trained and that trucking companies keep up with industry regulations.
At the Cain Law Office, we hold negligent trucking companies and truck drivers accountable when they fail to inspect, maintain, or repair dangerous vehicles, leading to life-altering accidents on the road. We encourage these companies and drivers to uphold their duties by taking the proper steps to prevent crashes.

Always Perform Proper Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections

Before getting behind the wheel, truckers must perform a full inspection of their vehicle. This is the only way to determine if the vehicle is safe for the road or if it needs repairs or maintenance, such as a top-off of fluids. Upon reaching their destination, truckers must also inspect their vehicle once again to make sure that the truck is still in good condition and safe to make the return trip.

Keep Up with Regulation Changes

Federal regulations on the trucking industry are complex and ever-changing. It is crucial that truck drivers and companies keep up with the changes made to these laws, such as the hours of service rule or the inspection and maintenance law. These laws are in place to ensure that the trucker, and all other motorists on the road, remain safe. When truckers do not know the laws, they cannot make sure that they are in compliance with them. And, when truckers do not comply with the law, it places everyone in danger.

Ensure Proper Training

Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring they are only hiring skilled and experienced drivers, and that they provide proper training for drivers. Proper training is important because without it, a trucker may not know how to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle under various circumstances, and that could cause a serious crash.

Prepare for Trips

Truck drivers spend long hours on the road. They may drive under several different conditions in just one trip, and often they drive in unfamiliar areas. Due to this, proper preparation for a truck driver is of vital importance. Truck drivers should always plan out the routes ahead of time, check the weather conditions for the areas they will be driving in, and get plenty of rest before making any trip.

Need Legal Help After a Crash? Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

At the Cain Law Office, our Oklahoma truck accident lawyers have extensive experience investigating these complex crashes and determining who was at fault. All too often, we discover the accidents could have been prevented with proper inspections, maintenance, and training.

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