Truck Accident Knowledge Course

Well, my overview for this particular course, it’s a hands-on learning experience versus our continual legal education type courses, you know, is classrooms. So this is gonna be a whole different perspective either from an attorney’s perspective trying these cases and, also, from the driver’s perspective. And also it was good to hear from a defense attorney from their perspective as well, and, also the, you know, tracking safety expert that was available as well as Lou, and Adam, and their staff. They were fantastic, very professional, and what they have to go through training truckers. And it was just a fantastic experience, something that I would… You know, any attorneys that are wanting to do this type of work needs to come up and go through this.

You pick new things everywhere you go. So part of the thing is we learned all the different types of evidence that can be found at the scene or on the truck, and how you need to get there quickly and preserve that evidence either through inspections of the scenes, inspections of the vehicles, written discovery that needs to be sent out, spoliation letters that need to be sent out, and to preserve the evidence, so you can use that as you develop your case going forward. Unfortunately, you know, a lot of people don’t get out and do that quickly and you can lose a lot of evidence that will help your case and help your clients.

Oh, absolutely, I would recommend it for anybody because, again, a lot of these experiences are classroom only, not hands-on. You know, we had some classroom but it was combined and it was very hands-on. We got to drive a truck, back a truck, you know, get out and shift it. We got to ride on the highway and in town and get to see from a driver’s perspective what they see. And I think it will just give you, you know, some great tools to be able to better develop your case, take depositions of drivers, safety managers. Also, I brought a couple of my associates that are younger attorneys, it was a great experience for them. Now, they can help me develop a case and train them as they go. So, a great experience for myself. I learned a lot as well as a fantastic experience for any younger attorney to come up and do this and get some great training, meet some great attorneys. That’s a great takeaway from this as well. You get to be around attorneys that are… Everybody wants to be better, and you meet a lot of people from around the country that you can get new ideas from that will better serve your clients going forward.

Other than, you know, the same thing I guess with attorneys. If you do trucking at all, I highly recommend this course to come up here and get a hands-on experience. It will better serve you as far as being able to represent your clients better and get them fairly compensated for the injuries that they go through, and also give you a unique experience from the defense side as well from a driver that’s driving the truck.

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