Causes of 18 Wheeler Accidents in Oklahoma City

Naturally, any time a person gets behind the wheel of any motor vehicle, there are many reasons why he or she might be involved in an accident.

That said, the specific properties of the commercial trucking business and the 18-wheeler vehicles themselves add to the list of potential causes:

  • Driver fatigue, distraction, or inexperience.
  • Increased stopping distance due to the weight of the truck.
  • The configuration of 18-wheelers, with trailers moving in opposition to the tractor.

Sudden shifts of heavy cargo within the trailer causing loss of control of the 18-wheeler. Anyone injured in an accident with an 18 wheeler accident needs the experience of an 18 wheeler accident attorney in Oklahoma. Your attorney must have a solid understanding of both the operational details behind every truck run as well as knowledge of state and federal trucking regulations to ensure you obtain all possible compensation from everyone responsible for your injuries.