Types of Truck Accidents in Oklahoma City

types of trucking accidents

Types Of Trucking Accidents

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Commercial trucks – tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, etc. – can weigh anywhere from 10,000 pounds to more than 80,000 pounds fully loaded. That kind of weight in a speeding vehicle creates a tremendous amount of impact in a crash. The size and weight of these commercial vehicles make truck accidents far more serious than passenger car collisions. If a passenger car is hit by a truck, the car’s occupants are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured than anyone in the truck. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians fare even worse.

At the Cain Law Office, our experienced personal injury attorneys help people who have been hurt in all types of truck accidents. We also fight for the rights of those who have lost loved ones due to negligent truckers, trucking companies, shippers, brokers, or other parties. Our Oklahoma City truck accident lawyers have more than 20 years of experience successfully pursuing compensation for victims in these complex cases. Attorney Monty Cain is a member of APITLA, which is an association of accomplished attorneys across the country who are committed to victims of trucking collisions. He has recovered millions of dollars for crash victims and their families, and he has been recognized for his work by the National Association of Top 100 Trial Lawyers and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

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Types of Truck Accident Cases We Handle

Every truck accident is different in its own way. But there are common types among the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crashes that we’ve all heard about on Interstate 40, I-44, and I-35 in Oklahoma City and across the state.

The most common kinds of collisions between large trucks and other motor vehicles are:

  • Sideswipes. A sideswipe occurs when one vehicle swipes the side of another. Truck drivers who fail to look before changing lanes or oversteer in curves get into sideswipe accidents. Speeding or suddenly braking can cause a truck’s cab and/or trailer to skid or yaw (spin inward around its center of gravity), then leave its lane and sideswipe other vehicles.
  • Rear-end collisions. So-called “rear-enders” happen when a truck fails to slow or stop in time to avoid hitting the vehicle it is following. Such recklessness as tailgating, distracted driving, or driving while fatigued or drowsy are common causes of rear-end accidents. Trucks get into rear-end accidents because their brakes fail, too.
  • Angle accidents. These crashes are also known as side-impact or T-bone collisions, and they involve the front of a truck slamming into the side of a vehicle. These can be particularly dangerous accidents because passenger vehicles have less protection for occupants along their sides, while the all the speed and weight of the truck is behind it when it hits.
  • Head-on collisions. A head-on or front-to-front collision is among the most deadly accidents because the weight and speed of both vehicles compound the force of impact. When a truck has crossed the centerline into an oncoming vehicle’s path, it is likely due to the truck driver’s impairment from fatigue or due to distracted driving.
  • Underride. Because commercial trucks sit higher up from the road, a passenger vehicle can slide under the trailer in a collision. An underride can damage or even sheer off the upper portion of a car, leaving anyone sitting in the vehicle exposed to serious harm. Underride guards are required on the rear of most large commercial trucks, but S. standards do not provide full protection, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The potential for a deadly underride is very real in rear-end collisions, sideswipes, and T-bone / side-impact collisions.
  • Jackknife accidents. A truck is said to have “jackknifed” when the cab and trailer slide toward each other (yaw) like a folding pocketknife. Truck drivers jackknife their vehicles when they lose traction, particularly during a sudden maneuver. A jackknife accident maybe caused by braking suddenly or exceeding a safe speed in rain, snow, ice, or a sharp turn. A cargo shift can also throw the entire rig off balance, causing a jackknife crash. An out-of-control, yawing trailer skidding across a highway can sweep up and damage anything or anyone in its path.
  • Cargo shifts / cargo spills. When the cargo that an 18-wheeler is carrying has not been properly secured, it may come loose and move suddenly in a turn, during a sudden stop, or on a steep grade. The abrupt transfer of thousands of pounds can cause the truck driver to lose control and, for example, sideswipe another vehicle. Cargo sliding forward may prevent the semi-truck from stopping in time to avoid a rear-end collision, or movement to the side can tip the truck and cause it to roll over. Improperly loaded cargo that falls from a semi-truck can hit other vehicles in traffic and/or cause vehicles to crash. If hazardous material is spilled, it can cause damage to property and the environment, as well as personal injury.
  • Rollovers. Large trucks have a high center of gravity that increases their risk of rolling over, particularly in curves or on highway entrance and exit ramps. Even high winds, as are common on the plains of Oklahoma, can cause a large truck to tip and roll over. The sudden transfer of weight in a cargo shift can also lead to a rollover.

Regardless of what type of truck wreck you have been hurt in, you need to talk to a knowledgeable Oklahoma City truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn about your legal options. The trucking companies (or “carriers”) that put most long-haul trucks and truckers on the road act quickly after accidents to protect their financial interests. On your own, you are no match for their lawyers and insurance companies that would deny you proper payment for your losses.

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