Oklahoma Workers’ Comp Laws Overhauled

In 2011, Senate Bill 878 regarding the overhaul of Oklahoma workers’ comp laws became effective. Although the system in general stayed in place, there were 88 various sections reviewed for changes. Each of the 88 sections will have different effective dates. Changes will include everything from the laws governing the presiding judge(s) to what is classified as an injury.

There were close to 170,000 workers’ compensation cases in the latter part of 2011. It is hoped the overhaul of some of these laws will reduce the burden and expedite resolution. Time and money savings to both the government and private sector is expected to be substantial. In addition, the anticipation is a better understanding of personal injury law and its applications.

Oklahoma workers’ comp laws, as with other law classifications, are very complex in their own right. Hopefully, this overhaul of the State of Oklahoma workers’ compensation laws will allow for better understanding, clarification, and application of the law. Regardless of the complexity, rest assured Monty L. Cain of Cain Law Office will make certain his clients are treated fairly and justly compensated for suffering endured from work related injury.