Worker’s Compensation

Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Oklahoma Workers Compensation is under the microscope again. It can be a on going battle to keep up on the law, particularly if you have an ongoing case. Let Monty Cain of Cain law Office help you with your Oklahoma Workers Compensation claim. If you are in need of some quick up to date info, […]

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Court News

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation News In 2012 alone there have been many modifications and additions to Oklahoma Workers Compensation Law.  These changes and additions may have an adverse effect on a claim you are filing or an existing claim you have filed. Oklahoma Workers Compensation Claims can be very complicated and confusing.  When you have issues […]

Oklahoma Workers’ Comp Laws Overhauled

In 2011, Senate Bill 878 regarding the overhaul of Oklahoma workers’ comp laws became effective.  Although the system in general stayed in place, there were 88 various sections reviewed for changes.  Each of the 88 sections will have different effective dates.  Changes will include everything from the laws governing the presiding judge(s) to what is […]