When looking for an Attorney, you should look for one that is patient, calm under pressure, will tell you the truth and will stick up for his clients.  Monty was a straight shooter with me.  I got mad at him a few times but he was always calm and patient, but when he needed to get tough he did.  He stuck up for me against the other Attorney.  Monty told the truth, stuck up for me and got me a great settlement. I will gladly recommend his services, and use Cain Law Office again.

~ Roy

My wife and I was involved in an accident in 2011, and I called an attorney and told the operator to have the attorney to call me back.  Well he never did call thank God. So I went to the phone book for another attorney and Monty Cain’s name stood out for some reason.  I think he was God sent because I have never had an attorney that was as friendly as Monty.  It’s as if you are a part of his family and we received way more than we expected.  Would I use him again? Yes, you bet your life I would.    

~ Stoney

I was involved in a car accident in January 2011. I didn’t know who to call so I just prayed about it. I got the phone book out and asked God to to direct me to the right person and boy did he ever! I called Monty Cain at Cain Law. I explained to him what happened. He came out to my house due to my injuries. I was so grateful for that. In the four years that I went through my lawsuit Monty was nothing but kind, caring, considerate and compassionate, along with his staff. He was almost, always available to take my phone calls and if he wasn’t, he returned my calls in a timely manner. They truly treat you like family. They go above and beyond. There were times they helped me with things that didn’t even pertain to my case. Like, just talking with me when my mother passed away, advice on something or just being there for me. Words can not express my gratitude. I couldn’t have asked for a better Lawyer or his staff. God truly did bless me with them. He won my case and got me more than I ever expected. I would refer him to anyone. You will not be disappointed!


When I met Monty Cain, I liked and trusted him right away.  That is why I picked him as my lawyer for my serious injuries caused by a drunk driver.  Monty and his Legal assistance have worked very hard and settled my case as fast as they could.  The drunk driver did not have enough insurance to compensate me for my injuries and Monty went after the business that sold him the alcohol.  I was very happy with my settlement.  Now they are helping me with a SSI.  Monty is a fighter and will get you the settlement you deserve.  This is not easy for me to explain, but I thank God for putting Monty in my life to help me.  There were days that I would have been lost and given up if I didn’t have Monty to turn too and ask questions.  You hear about Drunk driver accidents, but you never think it could happen to you, but it can.


As a single mother my accident was very scary?  I had no idea what to do.  I had never needed an attorney before and I was not sure where to start.  I called 5 law firm, and Mr. Cain was the ONLY one that returned my call.  Even better, he came to my house to do his initial consultation – which was great because I had just been rear ended the day before and I had no car.  Mr. Cain listened to ALL my concerns.  He assured me that everything would be alright and it was!  He was so kind and compassionate and I am eternally grateful for him and his staff!


I was involved in an accident at Remington Park in November of 2009.  I went through the Yellow pages and Mr. Cain was close to my house.  From the first meeting I had with Mr. Cain I believed in him.  The other attorneys that I called said I didn’t have a case.  Mr. Cain stayed the course and believed in me and represented me to an excellent settlement.  There isn’t a more cool, calm and collective human being than Monty Cain.  His staff works relentlessly and were a blessing to me.  I must say to Mr. Cain and his staff Thanks for all you did for me.  I would recommend Cain Law Office to anyone looking for a hardworking, honest, and caring attorney.  Thanks again for all Ya’ll did for Deb and I.


Hace 3 años estuve involucrado en un accidente de trafico muy duro, las consecuencias de ese accidente me dejaron deshabilitado  de  la espalda baja de por vida, estuve en momentos muy difíciles porque el accidente perdí horas de trabajo cuando todo esto paso me despidieron de la compañía y comenzaron a llegar los gastos medicos a mi casa y no sabia que hacer, agarre el directorio de las pagina amarillas y empece a buscar abogados y me llamo mucho la atención y como un presentimiento que tuve al encontrar MONTY CAIN LAW OFFICE hable y le explique todo lo que había pasado e inmediatamente tomo cartas en el asunto, cada semana él hizo que la compañía me pagara mi salario por todo el tiempo que estuve en tratamiento, cirugías, terapias físicas y medicinas incluyendo gastos de transporte, yo iba a las citas del doctor y luego hacia una cita con el abogado para poder entender el proceso y antes que yo le hiciera la pregunta el abogado ya me había respondido cualquier duda que yo tenia. Para mi Monty es mas que un abogado es un amigo que defendió todos mis intereses y cada uno de ellos y el agarro una fuerte compensación por mis daños, Monty es una persona honesta y sobretodo franco en sus palabras y sin mentira, yo soy mexicano pero me hice ciudadano americano y yo les recomiendo los servicios de las Oficinas de Monty Cain Law Firm y su equipo de asistencia legal porque hacen su trabajo totalmente profesional, yo si pudiera le pondría a Monty 5 estrellas porque es un hombre que se merece mi respeto y admiración como abogado, como amigo, y al hablar de 5 estrellas me refiero a que hace un excelente trabajo y su equipo una vez mas Monty gracias  por todo el tiempo de espera, porque todo salió mejor de lo que yo pensaba y sobretodo gracias a Dios por encontrarme con personas buenas cuando estaba en una situación terrible, Dios los bendiga, Monty y a todo su equipo legal también mis mejores deseos para cada uno de ustedes y sus familias y que Dios nos bendiga. Gracias Monty.


Almost 3 years ago I was involved in a very hard car accident.  The consequences of that accident left me with my low back disabled for the rest of my life.  Because of the accident, I was having a very difficult time.  I loss hours of work and the company I was working for fired me.  The Medical bills started to come to my house.   I did not know what to do.  I took the yellow pages and began to search for lawyers.  There was one that caught my attention.  I don’t know why but I got this gut feeling when I found  MONTY CAIN LAW OFFICE.  I talked and explained to him  all what had happened, and immediately Mr. Cain took care of my situation.  Each week he made the company paid me  for all the time that I was under treatment, surgeries, physical therapies and for the medicines. This also included mileage and my salary.  After each doctor’s appointments they scheduled an appointment with Monty  in order to understand the process.  Before that, I asked a lot of question and he  relieved me of any doubt that I had.  For  Monty is more than a lawyer, he is a friend who defended all my interests. He got me a really  good  compensation for my damages.  Monty is an honest person and he won’t lie to you.  I am Mexican but I became an American citizen,  and I recommend the services of the offices of Monty Cain Law Firm and his team of legal assistants because they do their job and they are  professionals.  If I could I would rate Monty 5 stars because he is a man who deserves my respect and admiration as a lawyer, and as a friend.  When speaking of 5 stars, I am referring to the excellent job he does and his wonderful team.  One more thing, Monty thanks for all the time of waiting, because everything went better than I thought.  Especially thanks to God for letting me meet  people like you when I was in a terrible situation.  God bless, Monty and all his legal team.  Also my best wishes to each one of you and your families and may God bless us. Thanks Monty


I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful service we received on our case. Shortly after being involved in an accident I consulted with several law firms none of which would agree to take the case, but you on the other hand chose to do so, and as a result of your doing so, we are eternally grateful. We cannot put into words the gratitude and the joy you have brought to us with the final result of our case.  You and your staff were nothing short of gracious, professional and completely accommodating to our needs.  As a result of dealing with you and your staff while you were handling this case, we have developed a trust that few people come to know and experience with their attorneys or law firms.  I can say with the utmost of sincerely and honesty, should the need ever arise for us to have the representation of an attorney again then we, without hesitation will be calling upon you once again. Thank you so very much for all your hard work, your kindness and your consideration when it came to us and our case.   We will never forget what you have done for us.

~ Alejandro Garza Jr.

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